Woodcrest Kitchen is now award winning!


After entering The World Marmalade Awards 2020 and competing alongside over 3000 entries from 42 countries it is a pleasure to announce Woodcrest Kitchen's winning entries...


🥈Lime Marmalade - Silver
🥈Lemon and Orange Marmalade with a hint of ginger - Silver


🥉Bitter Seville Orange - Bronze
🥉Three Fruit - Bronze
🥉Lemon and Elderflower - Bronze


🏅Mixed Citrus - Highly Commended



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Only the finest ingredients are used in Woodcrest Kitchen’s delicious sweet and savoury preserves.


Most of the fruit and vegetables used are homegrown on the family allotment in Burnopfield, or foraged locally from the hedgerows of nearby lanes and villages. 


Preserves are carefully prepared, and lovingly homemade in very small batches for delicious results.





Preserves lovingly homemade using mainly homegrown produce from our allotment. Made in very small batches for delicious results.






Burnopfield, County Durham,

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK






An award winning artisan producer of jam, chutney and marmalade in Burnopfield, North East England.