Why is Woodcrest Kitchen jam and marmalade softer set than supermarket products?

Woodcrest Kitchen products are made without any added pectin or gelling agents. It’s pectin which makes jam and marmalade set. In many mass-produced brands additional gelling agents are added (have a look at the ingredients) and this gives a firmer texture. All fruits contain pectin, some more than others; sometimes fruits with high pectin (apples or lemons) are combined with fruits lower in pectin (blackberries, raspberries, or rhubarb) to give the required set. Having a softer set is more desirable in terms of flavour because it’s not boiled for so long. Finally, softer set products have more culinary uses, for example, as a BBQ glaze, mixed with whipped cream to fill a sandwich cake, or served with pancakes, yoghurt or ice-cream. Follow Woodcrest Kitchen on Facebook for culinary ideas!



Are Woodcrest Kitchen products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes. There are no animal products used in the production of Woodcrest Kitchen preserves. It should be noted however, that well-rotted animal manures (horse and chicken) are used in the growing of fruit and vegetables on the family allotment. 



Why is there no nutritional information on Woodcrest Kitchen products?

Woodcrest Kitchen preserves are made in a home environment and production is currently on too small a scale to require nutritional labelling.



I have allergies, are Woodcrest Kitchen products safe?

Woodcrest Kitchen conforms to all labelling laws and a full list of ingredients is provided on all products. Allergens are listed in bold.  It should be noted that nuts, peanuts, gluten and other allergens are used within the kitchen environment.



What is your food hygiene rating?

Woodcrest Kitchen is the proud owner of a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating.



I love my Woodcrest Kitchen product, why is it no longer available?

Woodcrest Kitchen preserves are made in very small batches, mainly using homegrown produce from the family allotment, or from ingredients which are foraged for locally. Because of this production may be limited by many external factors, such as the weather or garden pests! Recipes are made seasonally, based on the fruit and vegetables which are available.



Why can the same Woodcrest Kitchen products vary slightly in taste and appearance?

Woodcrest Kitchen preserves are made to the same recipe each time. However, because the batches are so small there may be variations between products of the same recipe. Furthermore, the fruit and vegetables used are sometimes different varieties (for example, apples from 4 or 5 different trees are used) which can lead to visual and taste differences. Similar to when you cook a meal at home, the same meal can sometimes taste different even when the same recipe is used. Woodcrest Kitchen does not use the machinery and equipment used in factory food production to achieve exact consistency and standardisation between every batch. If consistency is important to you for a particular reason you can check the batch code on the back of each jar and choose jars with the same number; however, there will only be between 6 and 10 jars which contain the same batch code!



How do I store Woodcrest Kitchen preserves and how long do they last?

Store unopened jars in cool, dry, dark conditions (a kitchen cupboard is fine); they are best consumed before the date on the front of the jar. Once opened, store in the fridge and consume within 4 weeks for the best taste.



Can I ask another question?

Yes! Feel free to ask your question via the Woodcrest Kitchen contact page.



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