Three Fruit Marmalade


A family recipe from Great Grandma.













Old recipe books are part of history, and looking through them tells us something of past generations, historic trends and their kitchen methods! I’m privileged to have a few such old recipe books including some hand-written notes which are contained inside. I also have late Great Grandma’s recipe for Three Fruit Marmalade, handwritten out by Grandma.


It’s this recipe used in the Woodcrest Kitchen Three Fruit Marmalade; it was a privilege to make something which had been made in the family by previous generations. Great Grandma’s recipe states that you can either use sweet or Seville oranges in the recipe. I have chosen to use Seville Oranges as they are a particular favourite here! Pink grapefruit, lemon and Seville Orange are combined for a lovely fresh, tangy tasting marmalade.







Burnopfield, County Durham,

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK