6 Reasons to Shop Local


Love your Local Businesses











Choosing to shop with local companies, rather than in large chain stores has many benefits; in this article I’m taking a look at 6 of them in collaboration with the retailers Woodcrest Kitchen is proudly working with.


Woodcrest Kitchen only supplies local retailers, all of which (at the time of writing) are family owned independent stores - Simply Local, Sunniside; The Sandwich Bar, Stanley; Keepers Café, Dipton; and The Sandwich Bar, Stanley.


When you buy a Woodcrest Kitchen product from one of these outlets you are not only supporting Woodcrest Kitchen, but the family establishment where you made the purchase! Let’s have a look at some reasons to shop locally….


1.      The Local Economy.

When you purchase from local producers and independent retailers the money is going directly to an individual or family, who then spend money locally in other shops, bars, restaurants, attractions and who also donate to local charities. This keeps money circulating locally allowing a community to thrive.


2.      Personality and Character. Independent businesses are run by a few individuals or a family whom you can get to know personally. They often give better service since they are the face of their company and care deeply about their reputation. You may even end up making friends as you return to the same establishment again and again!


3.      Originality and Variety.

In a world dominated by stores designed to look the same, local traders bring variety back to our communities – not only in the way the stores look, but in the products they stock. There’s nothing quite like buying something your friends have never seen or tasted before! You get uniqueness that’s not possible from chain stores. You can show off your personal style when you buy from local artisans. Woodcrest Kitchen products are a prime example – you will not find them on the shelves of the big supermarkets; they have not been mass produced in a factory; and not everyone will have a jar in their cupboard. It’s a little bit special! I know of one customer who bought a Woodcrest Kitchen product as a gift for a friend in London since it was local to her and something not available to purchase in London!


4.      Better the for Environment. It is easier for customers to source locally made products through local independent retailers (and markets). For example, fruit and vegetables used in Woodcrest Kitchen preserves have almost zero food miles with the allotment being a 10 minute walk from the kitchen! Whilst marmalade uses fruit from overseas (it’s hard to grow citrus fruit in the North East of England!) this citrus fruit is bought from local markets and local fruit retailers so that trade is still kept local.


5.      Passion and Expertise.

Small business owners know their products inside out. If you come and speak to me at a market event, I can talk to you for as long as you have time about how a particular product was created, how the recipe was developed, and how the produce was grown! Local retailers also know their products well and are likely to have tasted the food and know where it has come from (the retailers who stock Woodcrest Kitchen preserves have all tasted at least some of the range!).


6.    Making Dreams come True.

You are often supporting an individual’s dream of owning their own business or making their own line of products and serving their local community, and thus the positive cycle on the economy, local community and environment continues!

Burnopfield, County Durham,

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK