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Product Spotlight – Green Tomato Chutney


Old recipe books are part of history, and looking through them tells us something of past generations, historic trends and their kitchen methods! I’m privileged to have a few such old recipe books including some hand-written notes which are contained inside. I also have late Great Grandma’s recipe for Green Tomato Chutney, a recipe handwritten out by Grandma and passed onto me. It’s this recipe I used for the Woodcrest Kitchen Green Tomato Chutney.


The recipe reads a bit like a technical challenge from the Great British Bake Off – a pared down recipe which Grandma interpreted for me from her memory of childhood days! I’ve now written out the recipe again in more detail after receiving these verbal instructions so it can be enjoyed by the next generation in the family.


Here’s some more memories from Grandma about her mum’s jam and chutney…


“Being one of 7 children, and brought up on a farm, we lived frugally and my dear mother grew as many fruit and vegetables as she could. As well as farm work and caring for livestock, summer and autumn were not only very busy on the farm but also in the kitchen. Freezing produce and jam and chutney making, pickling and preserving. This conserved our produce well into the winter months.

My mother filled jam jars by the dozen, and they were stored on the top shelf in our pantry. Needless to say, one small jar was soon devoured by 9 of us!


When the days of 'cash and carry' came, family supplies were bought in bulk. Not only did this provide financial savings, it was this a great help in the number of shopping trips that had to be made. Furthermore, mum was able to reuse the many large glass 1-gallon jars to put her pickle and chutney in. This saved a lot of time when it came to filling the jam jars! I can still visualise the huge jar on our farmhouse kitchen table.  How I loved a cheese and chutney sandwich!”


Burnopfield, County Durham,

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK