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15 creative uses for your jam and marmalade










Creative uses for your Woodcrest Kitchen Jam and Marmalade!


Maybe you recently bought a jar of Woodcrest Kitchen marmalade or jam; here are some creative culinary ideas; tried and tested by our own family and hopefully it will inspire you to be inventive in the kitchen this Christmas!


1. Use Woodcrest Kitchen jam as an ice cream sauce – simply delicious!


2. If you make overnight oats (sometimes called Bircher Muesli), add a spoonful of Woodcrest Kitchen Jam to your pot, and soak with your oats, fruit and yogurt.


3. Stir your jam into a bowl of steaming hot porridge – my children love doing this with the blackberry jam varieties to make ‘pink porridge’!


4. Make your own fruit flavoured yogurt – mix a spoonful of jam with some yogurt, top with fresh fruit and a spoonful of double cream (it is Christmas!)


5. Serve a dollop of jam or marmalade with homemade pancakes for the most delightful Christmas treat.


6. Look back at the Woodcrest Kitchen blog posts from April and May and have a go at the recipes using Woodcrest Kitchen marmalade; Lime marmalade cake and Orange, Ginger and Cranberry flapjack.


7. Have a go at making your own scones (or buy some!) – scones, freshly whipped cream, Woodcrest Kitchen jam with a cup of tea!


8. Top a vanilla cheesecake and allow the jam to drip gracefully down the sides – a good alternative to a Christmas Pudding.


9. Make a batch of cupcakes – when cooled scoop out a little of the middle and add half a teaspoon of Woodcrest Kitchen jam – top with butter icing and you’ll have a secret cupcake surprise.


10. Make a Victoria Sandwich layer cake and use the jam for a filling along with whipped cream. Top the cake with some fresh fruit and a snow shower of icing sugar for a Christmas show stopper! This will work particularly well with Woodcrest Kitchen Blackberry and Elderflower, Blackberry and Bourbon or Mixed Berry jam flavours.


11. Make an apple crumble and mix half a jar of blackberry jam with the apples after stewing (instead of adding the sugar) – You’ll have a delicious Apple Crumble with a difference!


12. Kids love jam tarts! Shortcrust pastry cases, filled with Woodcrest Kitchen jam and baked in the oven (don’t overfill the cases or you’ll be in a sticky mess when it bubbles over!). When cool top with some thick water icing and a cherry.


13. Stir some Woodcrest Kitchen jam through whipped cream and top a pavlova - or make Eton mess. Top with fresh fruit and berries.


14. If you have the plastic ice cream moulds at home, mix a couple of spoonfulls of Woodcrest Kitchen Jam with some yogurt, lightly stir, fill the moulds and freeze for a marbled effect frozen yogurt treat.


15. Not sure where to start with Christmas baking? Visit your local library, grab a Christmas cook book (there are lots!), get the kids involved and have fun experimenting!



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